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Saint Hubert is also called Saint Hubertus. He holds a special and revered position as the patron saint for hunters. It is a story of spiritual growth and dedication, one that is celebrated each year on November 3.
Early Life of Saint Hubert

Saint Hubert was born into a noble French family between 656-705 A.D.. The lineage of his family traces back to royalty and he grew in luxury. Hubert, despite being raised in a privileged environment, was known for his skill at archery.

Hubert became famous for his legendary searching skills, and also for the abundance of his feasts. On Good Friday, Hubert’s life was turned upside down when he met a stag during a hunting expedition.

Saint Hubert’s Vision

According to legend, Hubert cornered this majestic stag while chasing deer on his horse. The stag then turned and faced him. The stag had glowing crucifixes between its antlers. Hubert said that he had a dream and heard a voice encouraging him to live a holy and godly life.

Hubert’s Spiritual Transformation

Hubert, deeply affected by his experience, renounced all of the luxury and privileges he enjoyed in his previous life. He renounced his titles, which included his birthright of the long-running Duke of Aquitane. Instead, he devoted himself to Christianity. Floribanne’s death while giving birth their son Saint Floribert was a tragedy. Hubert’s focus shifted to his own religious journey following her death.

Hubert’s journey within the Church

Hubert sought advice from Bishop Lambert, of Maastricht. He became his spiritual advisor. Hubert began a pilgrimage in Rome to see the Pope under Lambert’s mentoring. Hubert became a priest at this meeting and was later made the thirty-first bishop of Maastricht as well as the primary Bishop for Liege.

Saint Hubert’s Legacy

Saint Hubert was a priest who performed numerous miracles. He also performed exorcisms. His efforts to spread Christianity into pagan areas have earned him the title “Apostle” of the Ardennes.

The Symbol of St. Hubert

Saint Hubert can be represented by a stag that has a cross, or crucifix, between its antlers. This symbol has been widely adopted by hunters. It is even featured on Jagermeister’s bottle caps.

saint ubert Honoring All Living Forms

It was not just the patron saint for hunters, it also promoted the concept of respecting the life of the animal. In his time feasts were held in order to enjoy the energy transferred from an animal to the hunter by a successful hunt.

Saint Hubert represents spiritual transformation and dedication. Saint Hubert’s influence extends to archers, hunters, mathematicians and opticians.

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